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We will develop Thai businessmen to be leaders in ASEAN

It is a combination of Thai businessmen in a variety of businesses. Most of the international trade is assembled to promote and support members to be ready for business. The development of human resources is a key driver of the development of competencies or competencies to compete with ASEAN countries.

The founder, Dr. Bussy Boonya, a business consultant / trainer and import-export business with 30 other business operators, led the Association of Asian Business Entrepreneurs on August 21, 2012.

After that, let's actually do it. Can help members actually result in. The Association has been awarded the Best Association in the year 2015 , year 2016 and the year 2017 for two consecutive years as well as the award. Executives from the Association of Thai Chamber of Commerce and Department of Business Development. Ministry of Commerce.

.We will develop Thai businessmen to be leaders in ASEAN

1. The development of the team to the knowledge
2. Development of Information Technology System
3. Development of new tools and management
4. Develop good relationships with corporate networks in ASEAN

1. News and knowledge on doing business with the ASEAN community and around the world.
2. Training on free or paid courses at membership rates.
3. In-depth business consulting to succeed.
4. Getting to know the business people to create a network and expand the business.
5. Market survey Studying in both domestic and international.




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